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Fighters Destiny 2

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

F10282B0 2400     Enable Code (Must Be On)

801786A5 00??     P1 Character Modifier
801786A7 00??     P2 Character Modifier

Replace ?? with:

01     Saeki
02     Adriana
03     Abdul
04     Federico
05     D-Dog
06     Kate
07     Ninja
08     Ziege
09     Pierre
0A     Dixon
0B     Meiling
0D     Random

801F727A 00FF     P1 Judging Score Max
801F53AE 00FF     P2 Judging Score Max
801F727A 0000     P1 Judging Score Is 0
801F53AE 0000     P2 Judging Score Is 0

Fighter's Arena Codes

801FBF6E 00FF Max Attack Power 801FBF6F 00FF Max Health Power 801FBF70 00FF Max Recovery 800BA390 0001 Low Total Game Time 811F92E0 0000 Have Low Stage Battle Time 811F92E2 0000

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