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FIFA-Road to the World Cup '98

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Away Team Codes

801AF003 00xx Score Modifier 801AF1AF 00xx Shots On Target Modifier 801AF1B7 00xx Shots On Goal Modifier 801AF1BB 00xx Corner Kicks Modifier 801AF1CF 00xx Fouls Modifier

Home Team Codes

801AF007 00xx Score Modifier 801AF737 00xx Shots On Goal Modifier 801AF72F 00xx Shots On Target Modifier 801AF73B 00xx Corner Kicks Modifier 801AF74F 00xx Fouls Modifier

Misc. Codes

GS Button For Time Modifier 891AFE26 00xx 891AFE2A 00xx Time Modifier xx= 00 Begininning Of Half 01-EF Various Time In The Half F0 End Of Half Almost Instantly

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