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Excitebike 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark
to use these codes.

Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required

DE000400 0000
F100C630 2400
F1000440 3C01
F1000442 A03B
F1000444 0800
F1000446 06A9
F1000448 AC20
F100044A 7920     Enable Code (Must Be On)
F10014E8 0C00
F10014EA 0110
D10658DE 1026
810658D4 3C02
D10658DE 1026
810658D6 AC29
EE000000 0000

810E4D1A ????     Stunt Points Modifier
810F17CC 00??     Season Points Modifier P1
810F17CE 00??     Season Points Modifier P2
810F17D0 00??     Season Points Modifier P3
810F17D2 00??     Season Points Modifier P4
810F17D4 00??     Season Points Modifier P5
810F17D6 00??     Season Points Modifier P6
810F2D4E 0003     Unlock Silver & Gold Cups
810F2D50 FFFF     Unlock All Difficulties & Special Tracks
810E3142 19AA     Auto Pilot Always on Turbo (Original Excitebike Mode)

810E4D18 0098     Max Stunt Points
810E4D1A 967F

810E4F98 0000     Always Low Temp
810E4F9A 0000

D00E4FB1 0000     Start on Lap Modifier P1 (00-04)
800E4FB1 00??

810CE24A ????     Activate Cheat Modifier

Replace ???? with:
0001     Big Head Mode
0002     Mirror Mode
0010     Stunt Bonus
0020     Invisible Riders
0040     Night Mode 
0200     All Stunts Mode   
1000     Beat This! Mode
2000     Small Head Mode

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