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Duke Nukem 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80247464 0063     P1 Has Black Guns/Arm
802A5A00 2332     Super Jump Jetpack
802A5A00 4561     Jetpack Of Doom
802A5A00 0000     Down Jetpack
802A5A00 FFFF     Up Jetpack
802A5A47 000F     Have All Keys
812A5A5C 04B9     Night Vision Always 100%                   
812A5A2C 095A     Holoduke Always 100%                       
812A5A4A 0064     Portable Medikit Always 100%               
812A5AA2 00C9     Protective Boots Always 100%         
802A5A01 00FF     Pistol Infinite Ammo
802A5A47 000F     Have All Keys
802A5ABB 0001     Have Shotgun
802A5A03 00FF     Shotgun Infinite Ammo
802A5ABC 0001     Have Sub Machine Guns
802A5A05 00FF     Sub Machine Guns Infinite Ammo
802A5ABD 0001     Have Grenade Launcher
802A5A07 00FF     Grenade Launcher Infinite Ammo
802A5ABE 0001     Have Pipe Bombs
802A5A09 00FF     Pipe Bombs Infinite Ammo
802A5ABF 0001     Have Shrinker
802A5A0B 00FF     Shrinker Infinite Ammo
802A5AC0 0001     Have Expander
802A5A0D 00FF     Expander Infinite Ammo
802A5AC1 0001     Have Missile Launcher
802A5A0F 00FF     Missile Launcher Infinite Ammo
802A5AC2 0001     Have Plasma Cannon
802A5A11 00FF     Plasma Cannon Infinite Ammo
802A5AC3 0001     Have Laser Trip Bomb
802A5A13 00FF     Laser Trip Bomb Infinite Ammo
812A5A92 0064     Infinite Armor
812A5A90 0190     Infinite Vitamim K
812A5A8E 0640     Infinite Jet Pack
812A5A8C 1900     Infinite Scuba Gear
802A5A23 000X     Weapon Equipped Modifier
801012D8 0001     Open Cheat Menu
801012DC 0001     Open Invincibility Cheat
801012E0 0001     Open Monsters Cheat
801012E4 0001     Open All Items Cheat
801012E8 0001     Open Level Cheat
80247463 00FF     Infinite Health Level 1

812A5A26 xxxx Weird Gun Modifier 

Replace xxxx with:

0001     Invisible Guns
345A     Dead Alien
3444     Alien
39EE     Cop Light
3911     Mad Alien
398E     Glowing Stick
31B3     Swimming Duke #1
3148     Swimming Duke #2
3116     Swimming Duke #3
3100     Swimming Duke #4
31FF     Top Of A Head
321F     Half Alien
3377     Teleporting Alien
3855     Purple Circle
37BA     Alien
1000     Fire
4000     Spikes

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