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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80089ECF 00XX     Frame Modifier (00-09)
8007DB77 0005     Headless Bowler

Score 20 Extra Points Per Frame

81089E12 010A 1st. Frame 81089E14 0A0A 81089E26 010A 2nd. Frame 81089E28 0A0A 81089E3A 010A 3rd. Frame 81089E3C 0A0A 81089E4E 010A 4th. Frame 81089E50 0A0A 81089E62 010A 5th. Frame 81089E64 0A0A 81089E76 010A 6th. Frame 81089E78 0A0A 81089E8A 010A 7th. Frame 81089E8C 0A0A 81089E9E 010A 8th. Frame 81089EA0 0A0A 81089EB2 010A 9th. Frame 81089EB4 0A0A 81089EC6 010A 10th. Frame 81089EC8 0A0A

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