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Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

Version 1.0

DE000400 0000 Enable Code 80038A8C 0063 Mega Jump 80385F87 000X Honeycomb Modifier. Put in a number from 1-8. That is the number of honeycomb life boxes you have. 8137D468 5019 Have Swamp Boots (Invisible) 8015304B 6464 No Banjo Or Kazooie In Intro 80385F87 0008 Max Health Available 81386004 4100 Time Always 0:00:08 8133AAAD 64DD Invisible Mode 80385F8B 0009 Infinite Lives 80385F6F 0061 Always have 97 red feathers 8133AAAD 64DD Inviso Mode 810DF9D0 1112 Funky World 81081081 0810 Weird Intro 800EFFEF FE04 Blue Beard Grunty 80385F7B 0010 Always have Yellow Jingo 80385F7B 0077 Always have Pink Jingo 80385F7B 0063 Always have blue/green Jingos 80385F70 0010 Infinite Gold Feathers 80385F6E 0077 Infinite Red Feathers 80385F65 0010 Infinite Eggs 80385FC7 0077 Infinite Mumbo Tokens 80385FCB 0077 Infinite Jiggy's 80385F63 0077 Infinite Notes 8E2A99BB 511A Ice Skate Mode B0ED11AF 0001 See SharkFood Island Cave 810DFD90 152F Bad Gass Kazooiedescription 800F503C 0001 Night/Glitchy 800F503B 0001 Night/Lights as you go D0281251 0020 L Button For Moon Jump 8137C4BC 43E0 810DF9AC 0066 Ultimate Glitch Code 810DF9DA 0055 810DF9CD 0099 810DF9AB 0088 810DF9CC 0088 This is basically a combination of all the other glitch codes (Funky world, smear mode, etc.) with a lot of extra cool added surprises! This code is all about exploring, so look around and you will find weird neat things! (this code seems to only affect Gruntys Lair) Also, whenever you enter and re-enter a room you will find either, smeared or messed up textures, or other weird glitches! One time everything turned black and the enemies where glowing green!! Also when I entered the desert entrance, Banjo fell and was laying on the floor! Sometimes you can even get chunks of Banjo to fly towards you! 80385F63 6A77 1080 Mode Warning this code is permanent! No this has nothing to do with that snowboarding game! What you need to do is start a game in which you have 900 notes. Go into every level and collect 1 note. Bottles will say that your new score is 120 notes! Collect 1 note from all 9 worlds until you get 1080 notes. Now weird things will start to happen! You will lose some of your moves, some enemies will be invincible, the bridge to Grunty's lair will be out, and more! To get your moves back start the gave over and re-visit all the mole hills. Although you will forever have 1080 notes, look for other weird thing this code does. 80385F83 0000 Expert Mode 80385F8B 0000

Version 1.1

DE000400 0000 Enable Code (Must Be On) 8124B728 1700 812864E4 1700 812D2E00 1300 803851AB 0009 Infinite Lives 803851A3 0008 Infinite Health 813851AE 0E10 Infinite Air 803851A7 0008 Max Health Available 803851E7 0063 Infinite Mumbo Tokens 803851EB 0063 Infinite Jiggy's 80385183 0063 Infinite Notes 80385187 0063 Infinite Eggs 8038518F 0063 Infinite Red Feathers 80385193 0063 Infinite Golden Feathers 8038519B 0010 Have All Jinjos 8138524C 4100 Time Always 0:00:08 D02804C9 0020 L Button For Moon Jump 8137B6BC 43E0

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