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Army Men-Air Combat

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

810B252A 0105     Unlock All Helicopters  

800B245C 00??     Co-Pilot Modifier  

Replace ?? with:
00     Lt. James Marshall "Woodstock"
01     Lt. John Lawless "Hardcore"
02     Lt. Dave Parker "Rawhide"
03     Lt. Felicity Wannamaker "Bombshell"
04     Sergeant Hawk "Sarge" (Hidden Character) 

800B2534 00??     Helicopter Modifier  

Replace ?? with:
01     Huey
02     Chinook (Hidden Helicopter)
03     Super Stallion (Hidden Helicopter)
04     Apache (Hidden Helicopter) 

800B254C 00??     Always Play Level Modifier  

D00B254C 0000     Start On Play Level Modifier 
800B254C 00?? 
Replace ?? with
00     Mission 1-Plastic Pandemonium
01     Mission 2-Going Car-razy
02     Mission 3-The Train That Could
03     Mission 4-Tan Terror-Tory
04     Mission 5-Bug Bath
05     Mission 6-Uninvited Guests
06     Mission 7-Ants In The Pants
07     Mission 8-Saucer Attack
08     Mission 9-The Heat is On
09     Mission 10-The Melting Pot
0A     Mission 11-River Rapids Riot
0B     Mission 12-Nighttime Teddy
0C     Mission 13-Demolition Time 
0D     Mission 14-Pick Up The Pieces
0E     Mission 15-Have An Ice Day
0F     Mission 16-Plastro's Revenge
10     Mission 17-Bug Hunt: Chew Chew Bug-B-Q
11     Mission 18-Bug Hunt: Crispy Critters
12     Mission 19-Flag-Nab-It: Fort Frenzy
13     Mission 20-Flag-Nab-it: Freezer Burn
14     Mission 21-Food Fight: Picnic Panic
15     Mission 22-Food Fight: Cherry Surprise
16     Mission 23-Rescue: Don't Feed The Crabs
17     Mission 24-Rescue: Tide Pool Terror

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