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AeroFighters Assault

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

8127CC00 0001     Slow Game
8027E017 000A     Infinite Chaffs
8027E4D2 0002     Infinite Special Weapons
8027CCEC 0010     Always Have F-15J Eagle
8027CCED 0020     Always Have X-29A A.T.D.

800459A6 ABB7     Stop And Go
800459A9 ABB7

8127CC27 000x     Highlighter On Menu Is Stuck On Modifier Code 

Replace x with the following:
0     Practice
1     Main Game
2     Death Match
3     Boss Attack
4     Options
5     Continue

8027CFF5 00C8     Infinite Health
8027CFF9 00C8

8127CCEC FFFF     Extra Planes                                        
8127CC00 XXXX     Game Speed Change 
8127CC23 0000     No Background on Menu 
8127CC01 00XX     Gun Speed Select 
8027E300 0001     Ultra Fast Missile Recharge 
8027E107 0001     Rocket Squad 
8027E109 0001     Tomahawk Squad 
8027E023 00xx     Gun Select 


00     Chaff
01     Jammings
02     Air Mines
03     Mahibishi
0A     22mm BB Shot
0B     22mm
0C     Hunai Shot
0D     Fireball
0E     Sabre
14     Fire
15     Tomahawk
16     Ninja Glitch
17     Fire Wave
1E     Rocket
1F     Phoenix
20     Star
21     Fire Arrow
28     Ninjabeam

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