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1080* Snowboarding

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

DE000400 0000     Enable Code (Must be on)
802CCEDF 004B     Infinite Health at Crystal Lake
802B2193 004B     Infinite Health at Crystal Peak
802B0923 004B     Infinite Health at Golden Forest
802CAF23 004B     Infinite Health at Mountain Village
802C0943 004B     Infinite Health at Dragon Cave
802C0E33 004B     Infinite Health at Deadly Fall
812F616E FFFF     High Score in Halfpipe
8131A82E FFFF     High Score in Airmake
8023D3C5 0032     Occasional Lines Across Screen 
8024D3CE 0015     Numbers, Like Your Time, Your Speed, & Best Time Are Red
800F504C 0035     Invisible Dion Blaster/Other Players Lack A Body
800F507B 0031     Floating Heads Close To Body/Stiff Players 
800F507E 0031     Super Glitchy Players
800F503E 0031     Even Wider Players
8023D3CD 0032     Glitchy Graphics
8024D3CD 0015     Numbers, Like Your Time, Your Speed, & Best Time Are Purple & Flashy
800F502C 001B     Boarders Have Huge Tubes Coming Out Of Them 
8026B1CD 0009     Play Match Race in the Air Make Level 
800F506C 0001     Stiff Players  
800F503C 0001     Only See Players Head 
8026B1CB 0005     Infinite Lives - Match Race 
800F503C 3531     Flat body boarder code         
800F502C 2521     Extra Wide Boarder code      
800F503D 3535     Flat body and head for Dion Blaster only          
800F507D 7575     Invisable Dion Blaster            

8925508E FFFF     Have All Training Options Done & Have Access To Penguin Board
88255090 00FF 

88255091 00FF     Have Panda Training Options Done

81255088 00FF
8125508A 0005     Have All Boarders & All Levels Open
81255096 FCFF
80255098 0007 

81255088 00FF     Open All Tracks   
81255096 FCFF     Have All Trick Attack's Done 
80244098 0007     Have All Contest First Place Done 
8125508A 00xx     Open Level/Character Modifier


01     Easy Level
02     Easy & Normal Level
03     Easy, Normal & Hard Levels
04     Easy, Normal, Hard Levels & Crystal Boarder
05     Easy, Normal, Hard Levels & Crystal & Metal Boarders

Time Attack Codes

812CCEDE 004B Infinite Damage (Crystal Lake) 812DA27E 004B Infinite Damage (Crystal Peak) 812D8A0E 004B Infinite Damage (Golden Forest) 812F300E 004B Infinite Damage (Mountain Village) 812E8D7E 004B Infinite Damage (Dragon Cave) 812F6C1E 004B Infinite Damage (Deadly Fall)

Match Race Codes

812E09BE 004B Infinite Damage (Crystal Lake) 801D7E51 1540 Shaking Background 801D8091 1340 Boarders Heads Flash 80057370 6661 Watch CPU Play At Menu

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