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Dexter's Laboratory: Desaster Strikes!

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Sent in by The Duckfather 1F34DFCC198ADB60 Must Be On D98D58B8C169ECB1 B70C17A5F7271417 All Dee Dee's Collected D7DD177635049D28 Have Blue Gem C1E0D099203E90F8 Have Blue Keycard D6112FB3E6882442 Have Brown Keycard B2BBE95BE1C7B260 Have Drill 33DBFE5F7962E1A7 Have Green Gem 94A16AA4363363F0 Have Green Key 4E34AB6C084E1179 Have Grey Keycard E6D219366FE02221 Have Hammer 0F102D5B83CBCA59 Have Pliers 33EA619D2F56B9D7 Have Red Gem 27323CBD32797225 Have Red Key 7908718F53896AF3 Have Red Keycard 20DB7D4DE577874F Have Screwdriver 004416B89014481A Have Slugalator 366DA534539DA15E Have Sodering Tool C0E54A362D2019EF Have Wrench ACAEB92916FDB4A6 Have Yellow Gem 502213FE46623D60 Have Yellow Key AA5DA719BACE9DBC Have Yellow Keycard 8551EDF1FB961C9E Have Zapatron 75D16C30CA476640 Infinite Tries
7896079427667199 - Press GS Button for Slow
70493A7B6A8503AE     Infinite Health

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