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Boxing Fever

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Sent in by The Duckfather 0DCC59B2D842F735 Must Be On 380D65858AA03678 1DE92E9DEC6BDC47 Always Round 1 928B812BD0B7BF14 Infinite Health A57FA32DA8ADF7ED Infinite Stamina 6B10DCB20907A208 1 Hit Knock-Outs 3E6C78941B444AF8 06560ED7D961D67E D91EF6E718A10FCF 1B5702C4350DC81B Play As Boxor B43B819433A5C86A CAAC68A16A340019 3B073401B221A1C3 CE7ECFB0C4A1BA93 CEE7BAEB1134A3F9 F810ECE9EB0D631D Play As Byclops 35547610B448D622 8C24FFE601AD6F2E E44D48DBA6231B11

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