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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these
codes in a Game Boy Color system.

Note: Only one code may be enabled at one time or none of the codes will
work. However, even after a code has been enabled and then disabled, the
effect of it will not go away.

Tony Hawk Codes

Sent in by Chris Weiss 01FF7FC2 Infinite Point 01FF80C2 013BD2C6 Infinite Time
01FF62C5 Max Career Money 01FF63C5 01FF64C5 Unlock All Boards 01FF65C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF66C5 Skate Park 01FF67C5 NY City 01FF68C5 Hanger 01FF69C5 School 01FF6AC5 Bullring 01FF6BC5 Venice Beach 01FF6CC5 Skate Heaven

Bob Burnquist Codes

01FF6DC5 Max Career Money 01FF6EC5 01FF6FC5 Unlock All Boards 01FF70C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF71C5 Skate Park 01FF72C5 NY City 01FF73C5 Hanger 01FF74C5 School 01FF75C5 Bullring 01FF76C5 Venice Beach 01FF77C5 Skate Heaven

Steve Caballero Codes

01FF78C5 Max Career Money 01FF79C5 01FF7AC5 Unlock All Boards 01FF7BC5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF7CC5 Skate Park 01FF7DC5 NY City 01FF7EC5 Hanger 01FF7FC5 School 01FF80C5 Bullring 01FF81C5 Venice Beach 01FF82C5 Skate Heaven

Kareem Campbell Codes

01FF83C5 Max Career Money 01FF84C5 01FF85C5 Unlock All Boards 01FF86C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF87C5 Skate Park 01FF88C5 NY City 01FF89C5 Hanger 01FF8AC5 School 01FF8BC5 Bullring 01FF8CC5 Venice Beach 01FF8DC5 Skate Heaven

Rune Glifberg Codes

01FF8EC5 Max Career Money 01FF8FC5 01FF90C5 Unlock All Boards 01FF91C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF92C5 Skate Park 01FF93C5 NY City 01FF94C5 Hanger 01FF95C5 School 01FF96C5 Bullring 01FF97C5 Venice Beach 01FF98C5 Skate Heaven

Eric Koston Codes

01FF99C5 Max Career Money 01FF9AC5 01FF9BC5 Unlock All Boards 01DD9CC5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FF9DC5 Skate Park 01FF9EC5 NY City 01FF9FC5 Hanger 01FFA0C5 School 01FFA1C5 Bullring 01FFA2C5 Venice Beach 01FFA3C5 Skate Heaven

Bucky Lasek Codes

01FFA4C5 Max Career Money 01FFA5C5 01FFA6C5 Unlock All Boards 01FFA7C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFA8C5 Skate Park 01FFA9C5 NY City 01FFAAC5 Hanger 01FFABC5 School 01FFACC5 Bullring 01FFADC5 Venice Beach 01FFAEC5 Skate Heaven

Rodney Mullen Codes

01FFAFC5 Max Career Money 01FFB0C5 01FFB1C5 Unlock All Boards 01FFB2C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFB3C5 Skate Park 01FFB4C5 NY City 01FFB5C5 Hanger 01FFB6C5 School 01FFB7C5 Bullring 01FFB8C5 Venice Beach 01FFB9C5 Skate Heaven

Chad Muska Codes

01FFBAC5 Max Career Money 01FFBBC5 01FFBCC5 Unlock All Boards 01FFBDC5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFBEC5 Skate Park 01FFBFC5 NY City 01FFC0C5 Hanger 01FFC1C5 School 01FFC2C5 Bullring 01FFC3C5 Venice Beach 01FFC4C5 Skate Heaven

Andrew Reynolds Codes

01FFC5C5 Max Career Money 01FFC6C5 01FFC7C5 Unlock All Boards 01FFC8C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFC9C5 Skate Park 01FFCAC5 NY City 01FFCBC5 Hanger 01FFCCC5 School 01FFCDC5 Bullring 01FFCEC5 Venice Beach 01FFCFC5 Skate Heaven

Geoff Rowley Codes

01FFD0C5 Max Career Money 01FFD1C5 01FFD2C5 Unlock All Boards 01FFD3C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFD4C5 Skate Park 01FFD5C5 NY City 01FFD6C5 Hanger 01FFD7C5 School 01FFD8C5 Bullring 01FFD9C5 Venice Beach 01FFDAC5 Skate Heaven

Elissa Steamer Codes

01FFDBC5 Max Career Money 01FFDCC5 01FFDDC5 Unlock All Boards 01FFDEC5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFDFC5 Skate Park 01FFE0C5 NY City 01FFE1C5 Hanger 01FFE2C5 School 01FFE3C5 Bullring 01FFE4C5 Venice Beach 01FFE5C5 Skate Heaven

Jamie Thomas Codes

01FFE6C5 Max Career Money 01FFE7C5 01FFE8C5 Unlock All Boards 01FFE9C5 Unlock All Courses

Courses Complete

01FFEAC5 Skate Park 01FFEBC5 NY City 01FFECC5 Hanger 01FFEDC5 School 01FFEEC5 Bullring 01FFEFC5 Venice Beach 01FFF0C5 Skate Heaven

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