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Super Mario Land

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Mauricio Fournier 01??A1C0 High Points Modifier (00-99) 011003C2 Mario Slides 01ECD3C0 Always Have Star 01ECD2C0 Automatically At End Of Level [Don't use on words 2-3 &4-3] 019613D1 Baddies & Some Objects Can Be Moved (Use On/Off) 014523D1 Baddies & Some Objects Can Be Moved 2 (Use On/Off) 010080FF Hold A Or B For Repeated Jumps And Shots 010180FF Disable 'A' Button 01??1FC9 First Item Modifier 01??76C9 Rest Of The Item Modifier Replace ?? with: 28 Mushroom 2A 1-UP 2B Instant 1-UP 2C Star 2D Fire Flower (Will Be Mushroom If Small) 2E Instant Fire Flower (Will be mushroom if small)
Sent in by Pinkachu 01FF00D1 No Enemies 016313D1 Enemies Fall From The Sky And Run Away 01??A2C0 Score Modifier for digits 1 and 2 01??A1C0 Score Modifier for digits 3 and 4 01??A0C0 Score Modifier for digits 5 and 6
Sent in by Jeremy 01FF00D1 No enemies 01F92DF Game skips some music 01670CC0 Part of head floating
019961DA Infinite Time 010115DA Infinite Lives 010902C0 Infinite Continues

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