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Revelations: The Demon Slayer

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Dillon McGennis 01FF12C5 Infinite Money 01FF13C5

El Codes

016386C5 Level 99 01FF89C5 Infinite MP 01FF8EC5 Max MP 01638FC5 Max Endurance 016390C5 Max Intelligence 016391C5 Max Strength 016392C5 Max Speed 016393C5 Max Luck 01FFB7C5 Max Experience 01FFB8C5 01FF87C5 Infinite HP 01FF88C5 01FF8CC5 Max HP 01FF8DC5

Kishe Codes

0163CAC5 Level 99 01FFCDC5 Infinite MP 01FFD2C5 Max MP 0163D3C5 Max Endurance 0163D4C5 Max Intelligence 0163D5C5 Max Strength 0163D6C5 Max Speed 0163D7C5 Max Luck 01FFCBC5 Infinite HP 01FFCCC5 01FFD0C5 Max HP 01FFD1C5 01FFFBC5 Max Experience 01FFFCC5

Uranus Codes

01630EC5 Level 99 01FF11C5 Infinite MP 01FF16C5 Max MP 016317C5 Max Endurance 016318C5 Max Intelligence 016319C5 Max Strength 01631AC5 Max Speed 01631BC5 Max Luck 01FF0FC5 Infinite HP 01FF10C5 01FF14C5 Max HP 01FF15C5 01FF3FC5 Max Experience 01FF40C5

1st Monster Codes

016352C6 Level 99 01FF55C6 Infinite MP 01FF5AC6 Max MP 01635BC6 Max Endurance 01635CC6 Max Intelligence 01635DC6 Max Strength 01635EC6 Max Speed 01635FC6 Max Luck 01FF53C6 Infinite HP 01FF54C6 01FF58C6 Max HP 01FF59C6

2nd Monster Codes

016396C5 Level 99 01FF99C6 Infinite MP 01FF9EC6 Max MP 01639FC6 Max Endurance 0163A0C6 Max Intelligence 0163A1C6 Max Strength 0163A2C6 Max Speed 0163A3C6 Max Luck 01FF97C6 Infinite HP 01FF98C6 01FF9CC6 Max HP 01FF9DC6

3rd Monster Codes

0163DAC6 Level 99 01FFDDC6 Infinite MP 01FFE2C6 Max MP 0163E3C6 Max Endurance 0163E4C6 Max Intelligence 0163E5C6 Max Strength 0163E6C6 Max Speed 0163E7C6 Max Luck 01FFDBC6 Infinite HP 01FFDCC6 01FFE0C6 Max HP 01FFE1C6

4th Monster Codes

01631EC7 Level 99 01FF21C7 Infinite MP 01FF26C7 Max MP 016327C7 Max Endurance 016328C7 Max Intelligence 016329C7 Max Strength 01632AC7 Max Speed 01632BC7 Max Luck 01FF1FC7 Infinite HP 01FF20C7 01FF24C7 Max HP 01FF25C7

5th Monster Codes

016362C7 Level 99 01FF65C7 Infinite MP 01FF6AC7 Max MP 01636BC7 Max Endurance 01636CC7 Max Intelligence 01636DC7 Max Strength 01636EC7 Max Speed 01636FC7 Max Luck 01FF63C7 Infinite HP 01FF64C7 01FF68C7 Max HP 01FF69C7

6th Monster Codes

0163A6C7 Level 99 01FFA9C7 Infinite MP 01FFAEC7 Max MP 0163AFC7 Max Endurance 0163B0C7 Max Intelligence 0163B1C7 Max Strength 0163B2C7 Max Speed 0163B3C7 Max Luck 01FFA7C7 Infinite HP 01FFA8C7 01FFACC7 Max HP 01FFADC7

7th Monster Codes

0163EAC7 Level 99 01FFEDC7 Infinite MP 01FFF2C7 Max MP 0163F3C7 Max Endurance 0163F4C7 Max Intelligence 0163F5C7 Max Strength 0163F6C7 Max Speed 0163F7C7 Max Luck 01FFEBC7 Infinite HP 01FFECC7 01FFF0C7 Max HP 01FFF1C7

8th Monster Codes

01632EC8 Level 99 01FF31C8 Infinite MP 01FF36C8 Max MP 016337C8 Max Endurance 016338C8 Max Intelligence 016339C8 Max Strength 01633AC8 Max Speed 01633BC8 Max Luck 01FF2FC8 Infinite HP 01FF30C8 01FF34C8 Max HP 01FF35C8

9th Monster Codes

016372C8 Level 99 01FF75C8 Infinite MP 01FF7AC8 Max MP 01637BC8 Max Endurance 01637CC8 Max Intelligence 01637DC8 Max Strength 01637EC8 Max Speed 01637FC8 Max Luck 01FF73C8 Infinite HP 01FF74C8 01FF78C8 Max HP 01FF79C8

10th Monster Codes

0163B6C8 Level 99 01FFB9C8 Infinite MP 01FFBEC8 Max MP 0163BFC8 Max Endurance 0163C0C8 Max Intelligence 0163C1C8 Max Strength 0163C2C8 Max Speed 0163C3C8 Max Luck 01FFB7C8 Infinite HP 01FFB8C8 01FFBCC8 Max HP 01FFBDC8

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