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Pokemon Crystal

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by The Duckfather 91FFC8DC 1st Pokemon: Infinite HP 91FFCADC 91FFBCDC 91FFBDDC 1st Pokemon: Max Attacks 91FFBEDC 9163C4DC 1st Pokemon: Max Level 91FFCCDC 91FFCEDC 91FFD4DC 1st Pokemon: Max Stats 91FFD2DC 91FFD0DC 91FFF8dc 2nd Pokemon: Infinite HP 91FFFADC 91FFECDC 91FFEDDC 2nd Pokemon: Max Attacks 91FFEEDC 91FFEFDC 91FFf4DC 2nd Pokemon: Max Level 91FFFCDC 91FFFEDC 91FF02DD 2nd Pokemon: Max Stats 91FF04DD 91FF00DD 910F99DE 91FF9ADE 91FF9BDE 91FF9CDE 91FF9DDE 91FF9EDE 91FF9FDE 91FFA0DE 91FFA1DE 91FFA2DE 91FFA3DE 91FFA4DE 91FFA5DE 91FFA6DE 91FFA7DE 91FFA8DE 91FFA9DE 91FFAADE 91FFABDE 91FFACDE 91FFADDE 91FFAEDE 91FFAFDE 91FFB0DE 91FFB1DE 91FFB2DE 91FFB3DE 91FFB4DE 91FFB5DE 91FFB6DE 91FFB7DE 91FFB8DE All Pokemon in Pokedex 91FFB9DE 91FFBADE 91FFBBDE 91FFBCDE 91FFBDDE 91FFBEDE 91FFBFDE 91FFC0DE 91FFC1DE 91FFC2DE 91FFC3DE 91FFC4DE 91FFC5DE 91FFC6DE 91FFC7DE 91FFC8DE 91FFC9DE 91FFCADE 91FFCBDE 91FFCCDE 91FFCDDE 91FFCEDE 91FFCFDE 91FFD0DE 91FFD1DE 91FFD2DE 91FFD3DE 91FFD4DE 91FFD5DE 91FFD6DE 91FFD7DE 910FD8DE 910C85D8 Enable Scrolling For Items 910044D2 Enemy Level 0 (In Battle) 91FF4AD8 Have All Badges 91FF4BD8 9163CCD8 Infinite Balls 1 9163CED8 Infinite Balls 2 9163D0D8 Infinite Balls 3 9163D2D8 Infinite Balls 4 9163D4D8 Infinite Balls 5 9163D6D8 Infinite Balls 6 9163D8D8 Infinite Balls 7 9163DAD8 Infinite Balls 8 9163DCD8 Infinite Balls 9 9163DED8 Infinite Balls 10 9163E0D8 Infinite Balls 11 9163E2D8 Infinite Balls 12 916387D8 Infinite Items 1 916389D8 Infinite Items 2 91638BD8 Infinite Items 3 91638DD8 Infinite Items 4 91638FD8 Infinite Items 5 916391D8 Infinite Items 6 916393D8 Infinite Items 7 916395D8 Infinite Items 8 916397D8 Infinite Items 9 916399D8 Infinite Items 10 91639BD8 Infinite Items 11 91639DD8 Infinite Items 12 910F41D8 914242D8 Infinite Money 913F43D8 910048D2 One Hit Enemy Kills

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