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Monster Rancher: Battle Cards

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Quoc Le 010F15C2 Infinite Gut Points 010FF6C1 Infinite Health (1st Position) 010FF7C1 Infinite Health (2nd Position) 010FF8C1 Infinite Health (3rd Position) 01636FD0 Infinite Downer 016370D0 Infinite Downer S 016371D0 Infinite Downer Ex 016372D0 Infinite Mo Downer 016373D0 Infinite Downer L 016374D0 Infinite Aldowner 016375D0 Infinite Aldowner G 016376D0 Infinite Upper 016377D0 Infinite Upper S 016378D0 Infinite Upper Ex 016379D0 Infinite Mo Upper 01637AD0 Infinite Mo UpperL 01637BD0 Infinite Alupper 01637CD0 Infinite Alupper G 01637DD0 Infinite Mischief 01637ED0 Infinite Dummy 01637FD0 Infinite Dummy 016380D0 Infinite Launcher 016381D0 Infinite Hypnosis 016382D0 Infinite Coinheads 016383D0 Infinite Cointails 016384D0 Infinite Item Eater 016385D0 Infinite Mirror 016386D0 Infinite Fit Shoes 016387D0 Infinite Skates 016388D0 Infinite Gumboots 016389D0 Infinite Airkicks 01638AD0 Infinite Dragosole 01638BD0 Infinite Ironshoes 01638CD0 Infinite Sandal 01638DD0 Infinite Ringshoes 01638ED0 Infinite Flyboots 01638FD0 Infinite Shovel 016390D0 Infinite MilkStuff 016391D0 Infinite Po's Nose 016392D0 Infinite Candarope 016393D0 Infinite Sis Lens 016394D0 Infinite Fat Lens 016395D0 Infinite Pure Water 016396D0 Infinite Deep Water 016397D0 Infinite Rich Badge 016398D0 Infinite Luxe Badge 016399D0 Infinite Mirrorcle 01639AD0 Infinite WondaCoin 01639CD0 Infinite Old-Paint 01639DD0 Infinite Coinsack 01639ED0 Infinite Team Box 01639FD0 Infinite Feather 0100FBC1 Beat 1 Character To Win 0100FAC1

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