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Metal Gear Solid

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Justin 0118E3C5 Infinite health 01FF09C6 Infinite Rations 012BE4C5 Infinite air 01060EC6 Have Mine Detector 01040CC6 Have Level Key
Sent in by Matt Fox 01FFEFC5 Infinite 5-7 Ammo 0101EEC5 Have 5-7 Pistol 0103F2C5 Have Nakita Launcher 01FFF3C5 Infinite Nakita Ammo 0102F0C5 Have R-5 Assult Rifle 01FFF1C5 Infinite R-5 Ammo 0100E3C4 No Alert (Enemies Get Stuck In Place And Evasion Music Still Plays) 01??08C6 Item Modifier Replace ?? with: 01 Fogger 02 Ration 03 Thermal Goggles 06 Mine Detector 07 Night Visions 08 Gas Mask 0A Cardboard Box R 0B Cardboard Box Y 0C Cardboard Box B 0D Body Armor 0E Fox Hound 0F Bomb 01??EEC5 Weapon Modifier Replace ?? with: 01 Five Seven 02 Assault Rifle 03 Nikata Missiles 04 Grenade 05 Stun Grenade 06 Chaff Grenade 07 Land Mine 08 C4 0A Banana

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