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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Bryan Herman 01995EDB Can't get or lose rupees 010749DB All Orciana Songs 010515DB Have all five Gold Leaves 01??49C1 Jump height modifier (00 low-FF high) 0126F2F6 Better SFX 0134C7DB Be Dark Link only get hurt if fall in pit 010014D7 Secret doors in houses 01705BDB Max hearts 01204AC1 Always have effect of the running boots 01FF21C1 Walk slower 01050EC1 Slow motion code 01026AC1 Always have sword in hand 010195DB See ending of game 010112DB Get Angler Key 010113DB Get Face Key 010114DB Get Bird Key 010E0EDB Get Magnifying Glass 0101CEDB Get Stone Beak 0101CDDB Get Compass 0101CCDB Get Map 01010DDB Get Secret Medicine 0101CFDB Get Nightmare Key 01200FDB Get 20 Secret Seashells 01ff4EDB Start game without shield 01010CDB Get Flippers 010944DB Level 9 shield 01100AC1 01007EC1 Walk through walls game can freeze 01025AC1 01204AC1 Super shield
Sent in by Mike 0101120B Have slime key 010111DB Have tail key 0101D0DB Have all small keys 01705ADB Have all hearts 0134C7DB Invincibility
Sent in by Quoc Le 0126F2F6 Better SFX 070084D7 Have Two Doors In A House 010046C1 Fly 010045C1 Invisible 01095DDB Infinite Rupees 01995EDB 018359C1 Bracket Bar Glitch Code 01E559C1 01006FC4 01FF6FC4 018E10D3 019210D3 010045C1 Transparency 010035C1 0100F3FF Start On Turtle Rock 0100F5FF 0100F6FF 0100F7FF 0100F9FF 0100FAFF 0100FBFF
Sent in by Daniel Henry 013045DB Infinite Arrows 01304DDB Infinite Bombs 012D4CDB Infinite Magic Powder 01185ADB Infinite Health
Sent in by Dan D432765A All weapons
Sent in by Adam Norfleet 01051DDA Infinite time

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