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Kirby's Dreamland 2

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Eric Kang 800C4CA0 Infinite Energy with Kirby 800672A0 Infinite Energy with Rick, Kine and Coo 800284A0 Infinite Lives Item Modifier Code: 01??00DB B-Button Slot 01??01DB A-Button Slot 01??45DB Arrows Modifier 01??4DDB Bombs Modifier 01??4CDB Magic Powder Modifier 010?43DB Bracelet Level Modifier 010?44DB Shield Level Modifier 010?4EDB Sword Level Modifier 013045DB Infinite Arrows 01995EDB Cannot Gain or Lose Any Extra Rupees 01705ADB Infinite 14 Hearts (Use Only If You Have 14) 01304DDB Infinite Bombs 01204CDB Infinite Magic Powder 010749DB Ocarina Has All The Songs 01185ADB Infinite Health 01095DDB Infinite Rupees 01995EDB 018359C1 Bracket Bar Glitch Code 01E559C1 01006FC4 01FF6FC4 018E10D3 019210D3 Quantity Digits to Accompany Slot Modifier Codes 00 Blank 01 Sword 02 Bombs 03 Power Bracelet 04 Shield 05 Bow 06 Hookshot 07 Wand 08 Boots 09 Ocarina 0A Feather 0B Shovel 0C Magic Powder 0D Boomerang

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