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James Bond 007

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Josh 011074D3 Infinite Health 011430D3 Infinite Ammo (pistol)
Sent in by Steven Tackett 012E5CCB With this code you can walk through walls, above buildings, and "warp" through the game! All you need to do is walk into a wall, person, building, or obstacle and you will probably go through it. If you can't go through, try punching while you walk into it. (You can use any weapon to do this, but I wouldn't waste ammo.) You may need to turn the codes off sometimes. I've found that if you warp in a temple, you can go to the other temple. If you warp in Q's lab, you can get to his other lab. If you warp inside a building, not only can you get to another building, but you can also warp through the underground passages of the third level (the one with the casino).
Sent in by Kenny G. 011074D3 Infinite Life 010535D3 Infinite Rockets/Missiles 010A55D3 Infinite Heavy Vest 01055DD3 Infinite Light Vest 016330D3 Infinite Revolver Ammo 010A34D3 Infinite Gernades 015A33D3 Infinite Machine Gun Ammo 010439D3 Infinite Med-Kits 1010xxDY Get any item and keep it. F0 2= Revolver 00 3= Hotel Room Key 10 3= Field Comm. F1 2= Machete 01 3= Laser Watch 11 3= Bandage F2 2= Tranquilizer 02 3= Chicken 12 3= Gun Ammo F3 2= Machine Gun 03 3= Cat 13 3= Uzi Ammo F4 2= Generades 04 3= Mouse 14 3= Bazooka Ammo F5 2= Rocket Launcher 05 3= Passport 15 3= Heavy Vest F6 2= Missle Launcher 06 3= Pearl 16 3= Grappling Hook F7 2= Shield 07 3= Night Goggles 17 3= Paper F8 2= Mirror 08 3= Diamond 18 3= Jewled Egg F9 2= Med-Kit 09 3= Odd Job's Key 19 3= Secret Pass FA 2= Hammer 0A 3= Satellite 1A 3= Safe Key FB 2= Plans 0B 3= Prez. Key 1B 3= M.A.R.B.L.E. FC 2= Stun Keychain 0C 3= Canteen 1C 3= Silencer FD 2= Cabaret Pass 0D 3= Rope 1D 3= Light Vest FE 2= Oil Lamp 0E 3= Hook 1E 3= Bracelet FF 2= Prisoner 0F 3= Exploding Pen 1F 3= Gold Ring

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