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Harvest Moon

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Sent in by Rebecca Bair 0101A9B8 Have Super Hammer in ToolShed 0101AAB8 Have Super Ax in ToolShed 0101ABB8 Have Cow Medicine in ToolShed 0101ACB8 Have Milker in ToolShed 0101ADB8 Have Brush in ToolShed 0101AEB8 Have Water Can in ToolShed 0101AFB8 Have Sprinkler in ToolShed (Don't Use with Water Can Code) 0101B1B8 Have P. Medicine in ToolShed 0101B2B8 Have M. Potion in ToolShed 0101B3B8 Have Cow Bell in ToolShed 0101B4B8 Have Grass Seeds in ToolShed 0101B5B8 Have Turnip Seeds in ToolShed 0101B6B8 Have Potato Seeds in ToolShed 0101B7B8 Have Tomato Seeds in ToolShed 0101B8B8 Have Corn Seeds in ToolShed 0101B9B8 Have Eggplant Seeds in ToolShed 0101BAB8 Have Peanut Seeds in ToolShed 0101BBB8 Have Carrot Seeds in ToolShed 0101BCB8 Have Broccli Seeds in ToolShed 0101BDB8 Have Pick Ax in ToolShed 0101BEB8 Have Umbrella in ToolShed 0101BFB8 Have Fishing Rod in ToolShed 0101C0B8 Have Cow Feed 0101C1B8 Have Chicken Feed 0101DAB8 0100DBB8 Have Cat For Pet 0100DAB8 0101DBB8 Have Dog For Pet 0100DAB8 0100DBB8 Have No Pet 0163D2B8 Infinite Turnip Seeds 0163D3B8 Infinite Potato Seeds 0163D4B8 Infinite Tomato Seeds 0163D5B8 Infinite Corn Seeds 0163D6B8 Infinite Eggplant Seeds 0163D7B8 Infinite Peanut Seeds 0163D8B8 Infinite Carrot Seeds 0163D9B8 Infinite Broccli Seeds 0163DAB8 Infinite Grass Seeds 01??F8B8 Items Equipped on Position 1 Mod 01??F9B8 Items Equipped on Position 2 Mod 01??FAB8 Items Equipped on Hands Position 0163C5B8 Infinite Crissant 0163C6B8 Infinite Rice Ballling 0163C7B8 Infinite Meat Dumpling 0163CAB8 Infinite Wild Grape Juice 0163CBB8 Infinite Green Tea 01FF38B9 01FF39B9 Infinite Material (Wood) 01FF3AB9 01053BB9 Infinite Fodder 01??8DB8 Events Modifier (Turn off GS when farmer steps outside) 01??A0B8 Weather Modifier Quantity Digits to Accompany Event Modifier Code 01 Get Horse 02 After Earthquake 03 Day Before Picnic 04 Day of the Picnic 05 Get Grape Juice 06 Find A Missing Bird 07 After Hurricane 08 Get New Juice 09 Get Offered a Sprinkler 0A Get Offered a Larger House 0B Find Nina 0C Girl Stays at Your Ranch Quantity Digits to Accompany Weather Modifier Code 00 Clear Weather 01 Rainy Weather 02 Snowy Weather 03 Strong Winds
Sent in by Pinkachu 01FFEFB8 01FFF0B8 Infinite Money 0105F1B8

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