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Nintendo 64 Endings

Do you have any Game Ending's for any of the games below?? If so, send them in using the form below!!!

AirBoardin' USA All-Star Baseball 2000 Charlie Blast's Territory ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut Command and Conquer Fighter's Destiny Golden Nugget 64 GT 64 Championship Edition Hot Wheels Turbo Racing In-Fisherman Bass Hunter Jet Force Gemini Knife Edge Lode Runner 3D Madden NFL 2000 Micro Machines 64 Turbo Monster Truck Madness NASCAR 2000 NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC NFL Blitz 2000 NFL Quarterback Club 2000 NHL Blades of Steel '99 Nuclear Strike 64 Penny Racers Rakuga Kids Ridge Racer 64 Road Rash 64 South Park Rally Supercross 2000 Tonic Trouble Triple Play 2000 Turok: Rage Wars V-Rally Edition '99 Vigilante 8: Second Offense Virtual Pool 64 Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 WCW Mayhem Wetrix WWF Attitude WWF WarZone

And any other game that we don't have an ending for!! Use this form to send me your Game Endings for Nintendo 64 games!!!

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Your Nintendo 64 Game Ending:

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