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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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DB66-4DD4 Start with 10 lives D166-4DD4 Start with 7 lives DD66-4DD4 Start with 1 life 82AA-CF07 Infinite lives DD30-1FA7 Infinite weapons DB6B-4F04 Start with 9 first aid kits instead of 1 DD6B-4DA4 Start with 50 shots in squirtgun DD6B-4D64 Start with 100 shots in squirtgun D96B-4DA4 Start with 550 shots in squirtgun DB6B-4DA4 Start with 950 shots in squirtgun For the next 12 codes, press B or Y to get the selected item. Start with first aid kit 266B-4704 Start with soda pop cans Instead of squirtguns 216B-4704 Start with bazookas 2C6B-4704 Start with tomatoes A36B-4704 Start with fire extinguishers 2A6B-4704 Start with ice pops 236B-4704 Start with "peppers" 2D6B-4704 Start with martian bubble guns 246B-4704 Start with weed-eaters 206B-4704 Start with ancient artifacts 3D6B-4704 Start with plates 346B-4704 Start with silverware 306B-4704 Start with footballs For the next seven codes, press B or Y to get the seleted item D36C-4DD4 Start with speed shoes instead if a first aid kit FD6C-4DD4 Start with a monster potion F46C-4DD4 Start with a ghost potion F06C-4DD4 Start with a random potion FA6C-4DD4 Start with a pandora's box F36C-4DD4 Start with a skeleton key 4D6C-4DD4 Start with a decoy DD39-34D4 Infinite special items--except keys and random potions DD3F-1DD4 Infinite keys once you have at least one DBEC-4704 Package of 99 squirtgun shots worth 999 BBE8-44D4 Package of 20 Soda pop cans worth 99 BBE8-4464 Package of 20 tomatoes worth 99 BBE8-4FA4 Package of 5 bazookas worth 999 DBEF-1F04 Each first aid kit worth 9 on pick up DBED-1FA4 Each key worth 9 on pick up D965-4464 Start with 1/2 health D921-1DD4 Continue with 1/2 health 3C20-4D0D Infinite health For the next two codes, you don't get the bonus for rescuing all victimc. If the zombies eat 1 victim, the game is over DF63-14DF Only 1 victim to rescue per level BAA1-44A4 Can advance to next level after getting 1 victim D46E-1D0F Start on level 2 D76E-1D0F Start on level 3 D06E-1D0F Start on level 4 D96E-1D0F Start on level 5 D16E-1D0F Start on level 6 D56E-1D0F Start on level 7 D66E-1D0F Start on level 8 DB6E-1D0F Start on level 9 DC6E-1D0F Start on level 10 D86E-1D0F Start on level 11 DA6E-1D0F Start on level 12 D26E-1D0F Start on level 13 D36E-1D0F Start on level 14 DE6E-1D0F Start on level 15 FD6E-1D0F Start on level 16 FF6E-1D0F Start on level 17 F46E-1D0F Start on level 18 F76E-1D0F Start on level 19 F06E-1D0F Start on level 20 F96E-1D0F Start on level 21 F16E-1D0F Start on level 22 F56E-1D0F Start on level 23 F66E-1D0F Start on level 24 FB6E-1D0F Start on level 25 FC6E-1D0F Start on level 26 F86E-1D0F Start on level 27 FA6E-1D0F Start on level 28 F26E-1D0F Start on level 29 F36E-1D0F Start on level 30 FE6E-1D0F Start on level 31 4D6E-1D0F Start on level 32 4F6E-1D0F Start on level 33 446E-1D0F Start on level 34 476E-1D0F Start on level 35 406E-1D0F Start on level 36 496E-1D0F Start on level 37 416E-1D0F Start on level 38 456E-1D0F Start on level 39 466E-1D0F Start on level 40 4B6E-1D0F Start on level 41 4C6E-1D0F Start on level 42 486E-1D0F Start on level 43 4A6E-1D0F Start on level 44 426E-1D0F Start on level 45 436E-1D0F Start on level 46 4E6E-1D0F Start on level 47 7D6E-1D0F Start on level 48 746E-1D0F Start on bonus level Son of Dr. Tongue 776E-1D0F Start on bonus level Day of the Tentacle 706E-1D0F Start on bonus level Someplace Very Warm 796E-1D0F Start on bonus level Curse of the Pharaohs 716E-1D0F Start on bonus level Mushroom Men 756E-1D0F Start on bonus level Cheerleaders vs the Monsters 7F6E-1D0F Start on credit level Monsters Among Us

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