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Ys - Wanderers from Ys 3

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C2B3-D092 Protection from most enemies DF8E-00BE Start with 488 gold instead of 1,000 D58E-00BE Start with 2,024 gold 498E-00BE Start with 9,704 gold 038E-00BE Start with 20,200 gold BA8E-00BE Start with 40,168 gold EE8E-00BE Start with 65,512 gold CBBB-A192 Gain experience quicker CBBB-A192 + 79BB-A1B2 Gain experience much quicker 1082-012E Start with 100 hit points instead of 20 A682-012E Start with 200 hit points 6DEB-D46F + DCEB-D4AF Items are free if you have enough money

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