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Wing Commander

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7ABC-3713 Increase front shield on Hornet 7AB4-4D1E Increase rear shield on Hornet 0DBB-4F1E Increase front armor on Hornet 0DBD-141E Increase rear armor on Hornet 0DBE-1D1E Increase left side armor on Hornet 0DB5-171E Increase right side armor on Hornet 17B8-3D13 Increase front shield on Scimitar 17B4-4F1E Increase rear shield on Scimitar 17BB-441E Increase front armor on Scimitar 17BD-171E Increase rear armor on Scimitar 17BE-1F1E Increase left side armor on Scimitar 17B6-1D1E Increase right side armor on Scimitar EEBC-37C3 Mega front shields on Hornet EEB4-4DCE Mega rear shields on Hornet 99B8-3DC3 Mega front shields on Scimitar 99B4-4FCE Mega rear shields on Scimitar

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