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CD24 67A7 + CD24 6467 Keep gun power-ups after dying EE6B 670D Start with 16 lives C22E 04A7 Infinite lives C2B7 6DD0 Infinite energy DE2E 0F67 Start with 4 energy-after 1st life D52E 0F67 Start with 3 energy-after 1st life DE6C 6F0D Start with 4 energy-1st life D56C 6F0D Start with 3 energy-1st life 3CC2-D769 Invincibility 6DB7 6460 Flash 2x longer when hit FDB7 6460 Barely flash at all C26F 6FD1 + C26C 07A1 + C26F ADD1 + C26C 0FA1 Fewer enemies

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