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DCAB-A7FC 10 grenades on pick-up D4AB-A7FC 2 grenades on pick-up 4AA3-0F96 Infinite grenades C2A5-0D98 Infinite missiles C28F-042C Infinite energy--not on car stages C286-17DD Infinite lives--not on car stages EE81-0D9C Longer invulnerability after being hit FE81-0D9C Shorter invulnerability after being hit DBA2-C4AF Start with 9 lives DFA2-C4AF Start with 1 life 4AA9-04F6 Don't lose grenades on dying 4AA9-0F96 Don't lose missiles on dying D7A9-0D96 Get rapid fire on dying D767-CFAD Start with rapid fire

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