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Super Street Fighter 2

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D002-EDD5 No charging required for some special moves DD47-8DD1 Some special moves can be done in the air 3C10-7467 + 3C10-74A7 Don't take damage except from throws or grabs--both players DD10-7707 1st normal hit wins--except throws or grabs 1077-7F61 Dizziness doesn't last 4A9C-7FDF Both players start with 1/4 health 969C-7FDF Both players start with 1/2 health 609C-7FDF Both players start with 3/4 health CB17-8FAD + 7D17-84DD Every hit sets opponent on fire CB17-8FAD + F617-84DD Every hit sets the opponent on fire and knocks him down CB17-8FAD + FC17-84DD Every hit zaps the opponent and knocks him down CB17-8FAD + FA17-84DD Every hit knocks the opponent down CB17-8FAD + DC17-84DD Every hit is a "hard hit"--opponent almost never gets knocked down The next two codes don't work for the computer CB79-EF61 + D579-EFA1 Players jump slower CB79-EF61 + D879-EFA1 Players jump faster DF81-E404 Each battle lasts only 1 round FE0C-7FDD Speed up timer 9C0C-7FDD Slow down timer 3169-57A5 No delay after throwing fireball--Ryu and Ken F122-E760 Player 2 starts right in front of player 1 1060-E405 Ryu's and Ken's hurricane kicks rise higher when done in mid-air D1A9-1DBA Faster hurricane kicks--roundhouse DBA9-1DBA Super fast hurricane kicks--roundhouse D18C-74D5 Balrog has a faster turn punch--roundhouse DB8C-74D5 Balrog has a superfast turn punch--roundhouse D15E-8F60 Chun Li has a faster whirlwind kick--roundhouse DB5E-8F60 Chun Li has a superfast whirlwind kick--roundhouse DB2F-CD9A M. Bison has a super fast psycho crusher--fierce 1086-5D00 M. Bison does his psycho crusher in one place--fierce D553-5F00 Vega has a superfast claw roll 1053-5760 Vega does his claw roll in one place DB23-179A Deejay's dread kick is faster--fierce DB23-1F9A Deejay's dread kick is faster--strong D1BE-E7A0 Cammy has an erratic cannon drill DDBE-E760 Cammy has a superfast cannon drill D620-17FA Cammy has a superfast front kick--fierce D620-149A Cammy has a superfast front kick--strong D620-14FA Cammy has a superfast front kick--jab D528-1D2A Feilong has a superfast rekka-ken--strong D627-1F2A Feilong has a superfast rekka-ken--fierce

The following codes make the moves listed do heavy damage


6E9D-8729 Jab dragon punch, close to opponent 6E9B-E429 Fierce red fireballs from far away 6E9D-E429 Roundhouse hurricane kick in the air


6E96-8721 Fierce dragon punch, close to opponent 6E92-8F21 Fierce fireballs, close to opponent 6E9A-5721 Roundhouse hurricane kick while on the ground


6E1C-E720 Fierce forward ball 6E1B-7D29 Beast leap 6E15-ED20 Jab zap


6E5D-7D20 Fierce fireball DE10-5425 Down step 6E11-8425 Short lightning kick


6E99-8795 Jab hundred-hand slap 6E96-E495 Fierce torpedo 6E92-E795 Fierce sumo splash


6E16-5491 Fierce sonic boom 6E1E-7491 Roundhouse sonic kick, extremely close range


6E51-EF90 Double spinning lariat (only certain hits) 6E5F-ED90 Spinning clothesline


DE5E-8729 Yoga spear 6E5E-E429 Strong yoga flame (solid hit) 6E58-E729 Fierce yoga fire


6E64-5F20 Roundhouse low tiger, from far away 6E62-7720 Fierce high tiger, from far away 6E53-ED25 Short tiger knee EE27-479E Jab projectiles move slower for everyone but


EE20-4D2E Jab projectiles move slower for Sagat EC20-4D9E Fierce projectiles move faster for everyone but Sagat E520-4F2E Fierce projectiles move faster for Sagat


AE6A-8491 Fierce claw dive 6E62-8F91 Rolling claw attack 6E6E-EF91 Claw thrust


6E6A-EF90 Fierce charging punch 6E62-E790 Roundhouse charging uppercut 6E69-5799 Fierce shoulder butt


6EB3-5F20 Fierce spin knuckle 6EBB-5720 Roundhouse front kick 6EBF-5420 Roundhouse cannon drill, from far away


6EB3-5F91 The Hawk

Fei Long

6EC7-5F20 Fierce slide punch (1st hit) 6EC0-5D20 Fierce slide punch (2nd hit) 6EC0-5720 Fierce slide punch (3rd hit) 6ECE-7420 Roundhouse dragon kick

Dee Jay

6EC5-EF99 Fierce hyper fist (1st hit) 6ECF-7D91 Fierce Max Out 6EC3-8F99 Roundhouse dread kick

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