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C2A4 DFD4 Infinite energy from most punches D9AD DDA4 Both fighters gain max energy after making a hit C2AB DFDF Some special attacks don't hurt as much C9E3 64DD Infinite match time DDB7 0704 No rematches D1B7 0704 Start with 5 rematches DBB7 0704 Start with 8 rematches C2B8 64A5 Infinite rematches DFAB AFDD Most opponents stay down for the count 49BC 6F6F Both players start with half energy DFBC 6F6F Both players start with very little energy CB34 AD07 + F834 AD67 + 3C34 ADA7 Always have K.O. punch after first hit DB8A D4A1 + D48A D7D1 + 3C8A D701 Start on world circuit

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