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Super Buster Bros.

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DF61-0DDA Start with 2 lives D461-0DDA Start with 3 lives D061-0DDA Start with 5 lives D961-0DDA Start with 6 lives D561-0DDA Start with 8 lives DB61-0DDA Start with 10 lives DD61-0DDA Start with 1 life DDB2-07A4 Infinite lives FB83-0D64 Clock runs faster 1083-0D64 Clock runs slower A683-0D64 Clock runs much slower DD83-0704 Clock is frozen (no time limit) DD61-0D0A 1 credit DF61-0D0A 2 credits D461-0D0A 3 credits D761-0D0A 4 credits D961-0D0A 6 credits D561-0D0A 8 credits EE61-0D0A No credits C9B9-6D04 Infinite credits D42B-A7D0 Extra credit after 2 food items instead of 10 D02B-A7D0 Extra credit after 4 food items D12B-A7D0 Extra credit after 6 food items D62B-A7D0 Extra credit after 8 food items 3C2B-A460 Food items never earn extra credit D184-ADA8 Double harpoon pick-up gives you machine gun C96E-6FD6 Retain weapon after dying or advancing thru stages D780-DDD4 + D781-DF04 Panic mode has 2 levels instead of 99 D180-DDD4 + D181-DF04 Panic mode has 5 levels D880-DDD4 + D881-DF04 Panic mode has 10 levels F980-DDD4 + F981-DF04 Panic mode has 20 levels

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