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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Away Team Codes

DD81-47DB + DD88-4DDB Medical packs aren't used up DF2A-1DD7 Start each away mission with 1 medical pack D42A-1DD7 Start each away mission with 2 medical packs D02A-1DD7 Start each away mission with 4 medical packs (only 3 shown) D92A-1DD7 Start each away mission with 5 medical packs (only 3 shown) DDAF-446C Phaser power doesn't go down F62A-1467 Start away missions with phasers at 1/2 power 402A-1467 Start away missions with phasers at 3/4 power DA2A-1467 Start away missions with phasers at 1/4 power 6D86-4FAB Medical packs heal more D486-44DB Medical packs heal twice as much D786-44DB Medical packs heal completely 8EA4-4FD6 Crew members are immune to enemy fire

Space Combat Codes

DFB2-1DF7 Forward torpedoes reload much faster D4B2-1DF7 Forward torpedoes reload faster DFB8-1FF7 Aft torpedoes reload much faster D4B8-1FF7 Aft torpedoes reload faster C26C-3FFD Forward torpedoes don't require recharging C267-342D Aft torpedoes don't require recharging D6B4-1F27 Enemy shields regenerate at half speed D0B4-1F27 Enemy shields regenerate at 1/4 speed DDB4-1F27 Enemy shields don't regenerate F6B4-1F27 Enemy shields regenerate faster 3C6A-14FF Forward phasers never lose power C2B3-4DB7 Forward phasers don't recharge 3C69-17BF Aft phasers never lose power C2BE-44F7 Aft phasers don't recharge D764-1D24 Torpedoes do half damage D064-1D24 Torpedoes do less damage D564-1D24 Torpedoes do slightly more damage D664-1D24 Torpedoes do more damage DB64-1D24 Torpedoes do much more damage DA64-1D24 Torpedoes do double damage

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