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Sonic Blast Man

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D76B-D46D Start with 11 lives DDA5-6F60 Infinite lives DDAD-ADDF Start with 0 dynamite punches D9AD-ADDF Start with 5 dynamite punches D5AD-ADDF Start with 7 dynamite punches DBAD-ADDF Start with 9 dynamite punches C2C3-0464 Infinite dynamite punches 7AB9-0DD7 Start with 3/4 energy 46B9-0DD7 Start with 1/2 energy F0B9-0DD7 Start with 1/4 energy 7AB5-A407 Continue with 3/4 energy 46B5-A407 Continue with 1/2 energy F0B5-A407 Continue with 1/4 energy C2A9-04AD Protection against most enemy hits C2C3-0DAD Protection against repeated hits on the head when an enemy is holding you C2AC-A4A4 Infinite credits C2A9-0F6F Super glove worth nothing DDA4-070F Hamburger worth nothing 9DA4-070F Hamburger restores energy fully DDAF-040F Apple worth nothing 9DAF-040F Apple restores energy fully 33BC-0F0F Start on Stage 2 CBBC-0D6F + 3CBC-0FDF + 62BC-0F0F + D4BC-0DAF Start on stage 3 CBBC-0D6F + 3CBC-0FDF + 62BC-0F0F + D7BC-0DAF Start on stage 4 CBBC-0D6F + 3CBC-0FDF + 62BC-0F0F + D0BC-0DAF Start on stage 5

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