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FDC3-6DA4 10 green jemeralds for an extra life 9DC3-6DA4 50 green jemeralds for an extra life DDC3-6F04 Each green jemerald gives you a life 5D66-DFA7 Slower timer F366-DFA7 Faster timer 6DCB-A404 + 6DCC-A4D4 Die when touched (regardless of jemeralds) DD6B-DF07 Infinite time D46B-DF07 Time goes by 2x as fast D06B-DF07 Time goes by 4x as fast D7C2-6704 Each green jemerald is worth 3 DBC2-6704 Each green jemerald is worth 9 FBC2-6704 Each green jemerald is worth 19 49C2-6704 Each green jemerald is worth 25 (extra life on each one) DDCA-AD04 + DDBB-6D61 Infinite lives DF83-D765 Start with 1 life instead of 5 D783-D765 Start with 3 lives DB83-D765 Start with 9 lives FB83-D765 Start with 19 lives 9D83-D765 Start with 50 lives BB83-D765 Start with 99 lives 1DCC-A4D4 Walk through enemies if you have no red jemeralds D4CB-A7D4 Don't lose all red jemeralds when you get hit C2BB-6FA1 Don't lose green jemeralds when you fall and die 8BAB-6DD9 No enemies or jemeralds--good for exploring, switch off effects to advance FFCB-A7D4 Red jemeralds set to 10 after you get hit--must have at least 1

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