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Secret of Evermore

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
C2A0-CD5A + 826B-41DF + D261-400F Everyone is invincible, including enemies The rest of the codes take effect when starting a new game and only work until you go up a level 95B9-34ED Start with 99 attack points EEB9-34ED Start with a lot of attack points 17B5-C75D Start with 99 defense points EEB5-C75D Start with a lot of defense points 17B7-445F Start with 99 magic defense points EEB7-445F Start with a lot of magic defense points 7464-CFE7 Start with 50 evade % points 1764-CFE7 Start with 99 evade % points 746D-3F57 Start with 50 hit % points 176D-3F57 Start with 99 hit % points 1786-CFEB + 17BB-17ED Start with 99 HP EE86-CFEB + EEBB-17ED Start with 255 HP 17BF-1FEF Your dog starts with 99 HP EEBF-1FEF Your dog starts with 255 HP

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