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Saturday Night Slam Masters

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DDC1-CF6F Stingray becomes Biff DFC1-CF6F Stingray becomes Gunloc D4C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Oni D7C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Titan D9C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Haggar D1C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Grater D5C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Rasta D6C1-CF6F Stingray becomes Jumbo DBC1-CF6F Stingray becomes Scorpion DFC1-CD6F Biff becomes Gunloc D4C1-CD6F Biff becomes Oni D7C1-CD6F Biff becomes Titan D0C1-CD6F Biff becomes Stingray D9C1-CD6F Biff becomes Haggar D1C1-CD6F Biff becomes Grater D5C1-CD6F Biff becomes Rasta D6C1-CD6F Biff becomes Jumbo DBC1-CD6F Biff becomes Scorpion D3DB-5D01 14-second count outside ring DCDB-5D01 10-second count outside ring DBD6-5DD1 9-second count for pin D1D6-5DD1 6-second count for pin DFD6-5DD1 1-second count for pin F31F-8F0D Faster timer 1D1F-8F0D Slower timer D12D-5765 + EB2F-5F05 Stingray has faster jalepeno comet 0C83-17D7 + D78E-1F67 Quicker 'pattycake slap' for Grater 0C83-1FA7 + D78E-1D07 Quicker 'sonic fist' for Gunloc 0C83-1F67 + D78E-1D07 Quicker 'sonic fist' for Biff 0C83-1707 + D48E-1FA7 Quicker 'jungle fever' for Rasta

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