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C22D-6FAD Batter never walks DF2D-676D 1 ball per wal D42D-676D 2 balls per wal D72D-676D 3 balls per wal D92D-676D 5 balls per walk D12D-676D 6 balls per wal D52D-676D 7 balls per walk C227-6D6D Batter never strikes out DF27-640D 1 strike per out D427-640D 2 strikes per out D027-640D 4 strikes per out D927-640D 5 strikes per out 7665-0FD1 + 7669-0F01 Each run counts as 2 DFBF-07DF 1 out per inning per tea D4BF-07DF 2 outs per inning per tea

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