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Rock N' Roll Racing

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D9CF-CDD5 Start with $50,000 FDCF-CDD5 Start with $100,000 9DCF-CDD5 Start with $500,000 BBCF-CDD5 Start with $990,000 D9CF-CD05 Start with $5,020,000 C28C-CF69 + C28B-C4A9 Buy items for free if you have enough money BACB-C465 No points needed to advance to any level C2BF-476F Infinite forward weapons C2BF-1FA4 Infinite power charges 3CE5-CD67 No damage from hitting other cars DD26-34D7 No damage from most mines D126-34D7 More damage from mines DD36-4F0D Red Cross packages worth nothing FD36-4F0D Red Cross packages can blow up

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