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Robocop 3

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5D69-6D0F Slower timer FE69-6D0F Faster timer DDC7-A7A4 Infinite ammo (except flame thrower) 4A6E-6FDD Infinite lives DD62-D7DD Start with 1 life D962-D7DD Start with 6 lives DF37-64A4 Start on stage 2 D437-64A4 Start on stage 3 D737-64A4 Start on stage 4 D037-64A4 Start on stage 5 D4C7-64DD + E3C9-6DAD Faster Robocop, except on stages 3 and 5 DFEC-DD67 + D4EC-DFD7 Ammo pick-ups worth more 7DEC-DD07 + DDEC-DFD7 + 7DEC-DDA7 Ammo pick-ups worth less

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