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With the first three codes, don't change hearts on options screen DDED-D76D Start with 1 heart DFED-D76D Start with 2 hearts D0ED-D76D Start with 5 hearts (can only see the last 3 on screen) 3CCC-446D Infinite hearts With the next three codes, don't change lives on options screen DDED-D40D Start with 4 lives DBED-D40D Start with 16 lives 7DED-D40D Start with 64 lives DDB6-1FA7 Infinite lives D9C9-476D Each dollar worth 5 49C9-476D Each dollar worth 25 DDB0-C767 Get 0 lives for each 100 dollars and 1-Up D4B0-C767 Get 2 lives for each 100 dollars and 1-Up 3BA5-37D4 + D9A5-3704 Higher jump 3BA5-37D4 + D5A5-3704 Super jump 3BA5-37D4 + DBA5-3704 Mega-jump 5EC8-4DDD Longer invulnerability time after being hit D6C8-4DDD Shorter invulnerability time after being hit

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