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Prince of Persia

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
6D32-0FA1 + DC32-04D1 Freeze timer D430-04A5 Start with 2 health points instead of 3 D030-04A5 Start with 4 health points D930-04A5 Start with 5 health points D130-04A5 Start with 6 health points D530-04A5 Start with 7 health points D630-04A5 Start with 8 health points DB30-04A5 Start with 9 health points FD30-04A5 Start with 15 health points BAA6-ADA5 Non-fatal injuries do no damage 43C9-6D61 Non-fatal falls do no damage D4C1-6701 Non-fatal falls do 2 points of damage instead of 1 6DC0-6701 Falls do no damage--except onto spikes (You can get stuck. Choose End Game and use a password to start the level over) C260-A701 + DF6C-DFA0 All enemies have 1 health point C260-A701 + D46C-DFA0 All enemies have 2 health points C260-A701 + D76C-DFA0 All enemies have 3 health points C260-A701 + D06C-DFA0 All enemies have 4 health points C260-A701 + D96C-DFA0 All enemies have 5 health points C260-A701 + DC6C-DFA0 All enemies have 10 health points BA69-ADA1 Enemies drop dead immediately (Using on certain bosses will prevent you from moving. Choose End Game and use a password to start the level over) DFB7-D46E Start on level 2 D4B7-D46E Start on level 3 D7B7-D46E Start on level 4 D0B7-D46E Start on level 5 D9B7-D46E Start on level 6 D1B7-D46E Start on level 7 D5B7-D46E Start on level 8 D6B7-D46E Start on level 9 DBB7-D46E Start on level 10 DCB7-D46E Start on level 11 D8B7-D46E Start on level 12 DAB7-D46E Start on level 13 D2B7-D46E Start on level 14 D3B7-D46E Start on level 15 DEB7-D46E Start on level 16 FDB7-D46E Start on level 17 FFB7-D46E Start on level 18 F4B7-D46E Start on level 19 F7B7-D46E Start on level 20

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