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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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DB6B-C4A1 + DBC6-34DE Start with 10 lives D16B-C4A1 + D1C6-34DE Start with 7 lives DF6B-C4A1 + DFC6-34DE Start with 2 lives 746B-4D6A Get 2x energy from sacred hearts 086B-4D6A Get 3x energy from sacred hearts 74A4-CF69 Sling stones do mega-damage ED6C-CDDA + D46C-CD0A Time keeper power-up lasts longer F06D-1D0A Pick up 20 Stones of Pacal for every 1 DDA6-3D69 Infinite Stones of Pacal DDA5-1709 Infinite sling stones DDA5-3700 Infinite boomerangs DD6F-C7A1 Moon-jump

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