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D980-47A1 Start with more car ammo DD80-47A1 Start with less car ammo 1A89-4FD1 Start with more handgun ammo FD89-4FD1 Start with less handgun ammo DD69-45A4 Infinite handgun ammo DD67-C1A4 Car ammo worth nothing on pick-up D467-C5D4 Car ammo worth more on pick-up DD63-C0A4 Water worth nothing on pick-up DF63-C9D4 Water worth more on pick-up DD66-C064 Hand gun ammo worth nothing on pick-up DD6A-C0D4 Food worth nothing on pick-up C260-CF07 + C260-6F07 Infinite health while in the car C9B6-450D Almost infinite health while out of the car (except when you eat poisonous food) D480-4F61 Start with more fuel DD6F-C004 Gas can worth nothing on pick-up D46F-C064 Gas can worth more on pick-up C285-C7D9 Infinite surface-to-air missles if you have at least one

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