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Nolan Ryan's Baseball

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A3BF-6DD1 1 strike and batter is out C2BF-6DD1 Batter never strikes out A3BE-0D61 1 ball and batter walks C2BE-0D61 Batter never walks 76AC-0D65 Each run worth 2--player 1 76A8-04D5 Each run worth 2--player 2 766D-67A5 Short game (play only odd-numbered innings) DDC8-D706 Increasing a player's power setting does not decrease the power number excess (use to maximize stats for a player) 4DBF-A7A8 Maximum power for a player is 32 instead of 25 46BF-A7A8 Maximum power for a player is 40 instead of 25 7DBF-A7A8 Maximum power for a player is 48

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