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Note: There are 2 versions of some of these codes. If the 1st code doesn't work, then try the other code BBCC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 1 34CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 2 30CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 3 39CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 4 35CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 5 36CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 6 3CCC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 7 3ACC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 8 BBC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 1 34C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 2 30C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 3 39C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 4 35C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 5 36C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 6 3CC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 7 3AC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 8 D8E8-C718 / D8E7-C448 All players have super dunk ability D6E3-C748 / D6E1-CF38 All players have infinite turbo D6E2-CFC8 / D6E9-CD18 All players always "on fire" D8E6-C7C8 / D8ED-C418 All players have super interception ability D6ED-3DC8 / D6E5-C718 "Juice" mode D6EC-CF38 / D6E4-CDC8 Shot success percentages displayed for non-dunk shots D4BD-3038 + D4BA-C948 Only need 2 baskets to be "on fire" D0BD-3038 Need 4 baskets to be "on fire" D9BD-3038 Need 5 baskets to be "on fire" D1BD-3038 Need 6 baskets to be "on fire" D5BD-3038 Need 7 baskets to be "on fire" D6BD-3038 Need 8 baskets to be "on fire" DBBD-3038 Need 9 baskets to be "on fire" DCBD-3038 Need 10 baskets to be "on fire" D4BD-3038 Need 2 baskets to stay "on fire" until an opponent goes "on fire" DDE6-3B2A / DDE1-3C2A Turbo bar never goes up (until next quarter) D3E6-3B2A / D3E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores very slowly F9E6-3B2A / F9E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores much slower F2E6-3B2A / F2E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores slower 0DE6-3B2A / 0DE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores faster 9DE6-3B2A / 9DE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores much faster 6FE6-3B2A / 6FE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores extremely fast D0E5-3CFA / D0E9-38FA Turbo drains very slowly D6E5-3CFA / D6E9-38FA Turbo drains slower FDE5-3CFA / FDE9-38FA Turbo drains slightly slower 44E5-3CFA / 44E9-38FA Turbo drains slightly faster 42E5-3CFA / 42E9-38FA Turbo drains faster 76E5-3CFA / 76E9-38FA Turbo drains very fast

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