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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

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DBA2-04AD Start with a lot of energy--first life only DFA2-04AD Start with very little energy--first life only 8B26-07A2 Almost infinite life force DF29-07DA Start with very little energy after first life DB29-07DA Start with more energy after first life DBA8-0DDD Start with 9 continues DDA8-0DDD No continues D7AA-0DDD Start with mega-points DB6E-0D6D Start with 9 lives D96E-0D6D Start with 5 lives DF6E-0D6D Start with 1 life C2E0-DF0A Infinite continues in 1 player mode C2B1-AFAA Infinite continues in 2 player mode F620-0FA2 Large main power up box gives max power 3C8D-6D67 + 3CA4-64DA Main collectable power doesnt go down after ranger powerup as fast

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