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103E-C4AD Start with 100,000 C-bills EC3E-C4AD Start with 250,000 C-bills D43E-C7DD Start with 562,000 C-bills D03E-C7DD Start with 1,074,000 C-bills F03E-C7DD Start with 5,170,000 C-bills 463E-C7DD Start with 10,290,000 C-bills DD38-146D Getting any money sets money to 32 million C-bills 102F-C7A4 100 ammo for short-range missiles 1024-CD04 100 ammo for short-range homing missiles 9D24-CDA4 80 ammo for medium-range missiles 9D24-CF04 80 ammo for medium-range homing missiles 4624-CFA4 40 ammo for long-range missiles 4624-C404 40 ammo for long-range homing missiles A62F-C7A4 200 short-range missiles A624-CD04 200 short-range homing missiles 1024-CDA4 100 medium-range missiles 1024-CF04 100 medium-range homing missiles 1024-CFA4 100 long-range missiles 1024-C404 100 long-range homing missiles EE2F-C7A4 Infinite short-range missiles EE24-CD04 Infinite short-range homing missiles EE24-CDA4 Infinite medium-range missiles EE24-CF04 Infinite medium-range homing missiles EE24-CFA4 Infinite long-range missiles EE24-C404 Infinite long-range homing missiles EE24-C4A4 Infinite machine gun ammo 3CCD-4404 Never run out of any ammo 628C-4F20 Protection from most hazards CBED-34F7 + 3CED-34B7 Mech isn't slowed down as much by most obstacles

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