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Madden NFL '95

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DE55-84DF Start with 15 seconds on the play clock DFD0-7DAD Start with 1 timeout--player 1 DFD0-7FDD Start with 1 timeout--player 2 8250-5700 Infinite timeouts--both players--may cause slight graphic errors DD6F-77AF Safetys worth 0 points DF6F-77AF Safetys worth 1 points D06F-77AF Safetys worth 5 points D56F-77AF Safetys worth 7 points DD62-E4DF Touchdowns worth 0 points DF62-E4DF Touchdowns worth 1 points D062-E4DF Touchdowns worth 5 points DB62-E4DF Touchdowns worth 9 points DD6F-8404 Field goals worth 0 points DF6F-8404 Field goals worth 1 points D06F-8404 Field goals worth 5 points DB6F-8404 Field goals worth 9 points C267-E46D Always 1st down

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