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Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues

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DEC0-397D Start with less machine gun ammo 10C0-31ED Start with more shotgun ammo FDC9-315D Start with less tranquilizer gun ammo 10C1-307D Start with more tranquilizer missiles 8BEB-C22D + 8B65-1C67 Almost invincible 82B6-C704 Get hit and you become invisible until you enter a new screen EE30-1DAF Flash longer after getting hit DD30-1DAF Dont flash after getting hit 6DED-3A9D Dont take damage from some larger dinosaurs 0D6A-106E Regular gun is super strong D462-48DD Some dinosaurs die with one hit 4DC5-C67C Velociraptor takes more damage

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