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DFA0-670D Start with 1 life on the ground instead of 5 D7A0-670D Start with 3 lives on the ground D5A0-670D Start with 7 lives on the ground DBA0-670D Start with 9 lives on the ground C2E0-6F0D Infinite lives on the ground DF68-DDAD Start with 1 life in the air instead of 5 D768-DDAD Start with 3 lives in the air D568-DDAD Start with 7 lives in the air DB68-DDAD Start with 9 lives in the air C26C-6F08 Infinite lives in the air DDE7-6F6D Start with 0 grenades and darts instead of 10 D9E7-6F6D Start with 5 grenades and darts FBE7-6F6D Start with 25 grenades and darts 74E7-6F6D Start with 50 grenades and darts 17E7-6F6D Start with 99 grenades and darts DDA9-640D + CEE7-64AD Start with 0 darts instead of 10 D9A9-640D + CEE7-64AD Start with 5 darts FBA9-640D + CEE7-64AD Start with 25 darts 74A9-640D + CEE7-64AD Start with 50 darts 17A9-640D + CEE7-64AD Start with 99 darts C22A-6FBC Infinite grenades C227-DDF8 Infinite darts C23D-6FBC Hearts worth 0 CE2B-D4B6 Infinite health--but you can still be hurt by some things DD34-679C Large red grenade worth 0 instead of 5 DC34-679C Large red grenade worth 10 F034-679C Large red grenade worth 20 F334-679C Large red grenade worth 30 4634-679C Large red grenade worth 40 3C3A-ADFC Small silver grenade worth 0 instead of 1 CBAC-6D0D + DFAC-6D6D Start on level 3 CBAC-6D0D + D4AC-6D6D Start on level 5 CBAC-6D0D + D7AC-6D6D Start on level 7 CBAB-67AD + D0AC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 3, part 2 CBAB-67AD + D9AC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 5, part 2 CBAB-67AD + D1AC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 7, part 2 CBAB-67AD + D5AC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 3, part 3 CBAB-67AD + D6AC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 5, part 3 CBAB-67AD + DBAC-6DDD + 6DAC-6D0D Start on level 7, part 3

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