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The Hunt for Red October

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DD34-4761 Start with 0 bombs instead of 40 1734-4761 Start with 99 bombs C2AE-1404 Infinite bombs DD3F-47D1 Start with 0 torpedoes instead of 60 173F-47D1 Start with 99 torpedoes C2A0-1D64 Infinite torpedoes DD34-44D1 Start with 0 Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) instead of 25 7434-44D1 Start with 50 SAMs 1734-44D1 Start with 99 SAMs C2AB-CFD4 Infinite SAMs DD34-4D61 Start with 0 Surface-to-Surface Missiles (SSMs) instead of 25 7434-4D61 Start with 50 SSMs 1734-4D61 Start with 99 SSMs C2A7-3D64 Infinite SSMs DD3F-4F61 Start with 0 Electronic Countermeasures (ECMs) instead of 2 743F-4F61 Start with 50 ECMs 173F-4F61 Start with 99 ECMs C2AC-34D4 Infinite ECMs D4BA-1F64 Start in theatre I: Caribbean D1BA-1F64 Start in theatre II: North Pacific DABA-1F64 Start in theatre III: Mediterranean FDBA-1F64 Start on the final mission: Return to the USSR

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